Odawara and Hakone Systematized Goodwill Guide Club (OHSGG) provides Hakone guide and Odawara guide in English in voluntary base. Travelers from foreign countries must contact us to get a free guide if planning to visit Hakone and Odawara.

About us

Odawara and Hakone Systematized Goodwill Guide Club(OHSGG) provides voluntary sightseeing guide services in foreign languages around the area of Hakone and Odawara to assist visitors from outside of Japan and non-Japanese speaking residents. Our group is a non-profitable organization established in 1996 as one of the systematized goodwill guide groups under Japan National Tourism Organization(JNTO).
The followings are the basics of our guide group and the guide services.

Entire Hakone region.
Odawara area including Odawara castle, Ichiya-jyo castle, Odawara town, and surrounding area.

All members in our group are volunteers who have various backgrounds and are willing to introduce our area to the people from foreign countries. Since all members are local, you may be able to hear an interesting story that may not come across. We are highly motivated and waiting for you to make your travel fruitful and enjoyable.

≪Assigning your guide and customizing your travel≫
Once your guide request is accepted, the assigned guide helps you to plan where to visit and how to get in and out from this area. You may consult the guide for any kind of interests and questions of your travel. If the assigned guide does not have enough information to answer, she or he will ask our experienced members and return to you with satisfactory information. Now the travel is tailored for you.

≪The date of your travel≫
On the first day, the guide meets you at the train station, your hotel, or other mutually agreed location and starts to guide you based on the itinerary. The guide also helps you how to handle your luggage while traveling.
The guide explains the history and the background of this area and other related topics according to your interest. Not only for this area, but please do not hesitate to ask any questions you would like to know about Japan, such as Japanese food, cultures, Shinto and Buddhism, shrines and temples, art, nature, and even something cool in Japan. Then you will be more familiar to Japan.

≪Fees and expenses≫
We do not charge any guide fee to our services but you need to pay all expenses of the guide related to your travel. Expenses include transportations, meals and entrance fee of facilities.

Other languages may be available depending on the situation. Please ask when you request the service.

≪Communication beffore travel≫
The assigned guide communicates with you directly through e-mail. Telephone communication may be possible if necessary.

≪Guide request e-mail≫
Please send your request e-mail to ohsgg1@gmail.com.
Visit the "English" tab and the "Guide Request" page of this website for more details.

If you have any questions, or need any assistance to visit Odawara and Hakone area, please feel free to contact us. It is always our great pleasure to offer you warm hospitalities and comprehensive services.


Guide policy

Guide policy


Our services are provided free of charge. However, you are kindly requested to pay the actual expenses for the OHSGG guide(s) as listed below:

1) Admission fees to temples, shrines, museums, etc. (Note: Most of the facilities in Hakone and Odawara allow the guide to enter free of charge.)

2) Transportation charges during the services.

3) Lunch (only when the tour involves lunch time)

4) Round trip travel expenses between the Odawara station and the residence of the guide(s). If you request the guide(s) to meet you at other than the Odawara station, please pay entire amount of transportation fee between the agreed place and his/her residence.

5) Other actual tour-related expenses, if any

Other condiyions

1) Neither OHSGG nor the guides accompanying you are responsible for any injuries, or theft, lost and/or damages to possessions that may occur during the services.

2) OHSGG may provide more than 2 guides for a large group.

3) OHSGG does not provide the following tours:

-Night or overnight tours.

-Tours using private or rental cars.

-Tours for commercial purposes.

4) The service you request may not be provided if OHSGG cannot find the appropriate guide(s) and/or if you do not accept this guide policy.

5) The information provided in the application will be used by OHSGG only for the purpose of providing the requested guide services.


Guide request

Guide request

Guide request is accepted by E-Mail

Please write the following information directly in your e-mail or in the "Guide request form" here ( Download here) and send it to here ( Mail here ) or "ohsgg1@gmail.com". You may also copy and paste the contents application form in your e-mail and fill the required information.

1. Date and Time for the requesting guide service
2. Information of the applicant (Name / Mr/Ms / Age / Nationality)
3. Information of other members of your party (Sex / Total number of members / Age approx.)
.....(Ex.)  Male / 2 people / Age 60~70  Female / 3 people / Age 50~60 
4. Contact information in Japan(Name of Hotel / Telephone)
5.Where do you want to visit and/or what do you like to do?
6.Do you have any particular request ?
7. Please show your acceptance of our guide policy written in above.
Yes, I understand and accept the OHSGG guide policy.



Cherry blossom

Cherry blossoms in Odawara Castle.jpg
Cherry blossoms are in full bloom from late March to early April in Odawara. Events are held during the cherry blossom season.
In Hakone, cherry trees blossom later than Odawara, you can enjoy it until late April.

Odawara Hojo Godai Festival

Hojyo 5 generation Festival.jpg
This festival is held on May third every year. It attracts a lot of spectators every year. During the parade, about 2000 participants including Samurai warriors and music bands etc walk through the city.





Hydrangeas, native to Japan, is full bloom from late June in Hakone.
Mountain hydrangeas can be seen after Bon period ( middle of August). 

Odawara lantern Festival

lantan festival.JPG
This festival is held in late July.
Events such as a drum competition, chochin (lanterns) dancing pumps up the festival.Chochin made by elementally school students in Odawara light up Ohoribata-dori Street.

Hakone lake Festival

Lake Ashi fire work.jpg
Hakone lake Festival is held on July 31st .
It’s like Daimonjiyaki, very popular and attracts a lot of people.
Fireworks set off over Lake Ashi-no-ko are spectacular.


Gora daimonjiyaki.jpg
Daimonjiyaki started in 1921.
Bon fire is lit on the middle of the mountain. It console and see sprits of our ancestors off.




Susuki(Japanese pampas grass)

Pampas grass 1.JPG
Susuki(Japanese pampas grass) field extends in Sengokuhara highland, which used be a bottom of lake Ashi-no-ko, and is beautifully colored with ears from late September to middle of November. Noyaki(burning of susuki fields) in March is must-see.

Hakone daimyo (Fuedal lord) procession

Daimiyou Parade .jpg
Hakone daimyo procession is held on the third of November every year.
It’s a reproduction of the procession of feudal lords in Edo period. The highlight is tha parade in samurai costumes.

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves.jpg
Autumn leaves begin to turn red from November in Hakone.
There is a variety of colored leaves in Hakone which makes the views of mountain even more beautiful.




Hakone ekiden

There are lots of events during winter in Hakone. Tokyo-Hakone college ekiden relay race (Hakone ekiden) is one of the biggest events in Japan.


Mt.Fuji, a symbol for Japan attracts foreign visitors to Japan. On clear winter days, you see significant snow-capped Mt.Fuji from Hakone.

Chinese new year

Chainese new year.JPG
Shunsetsu is an event held in Hakone in February, in which we celebrate Chinese new year. At Togendai station, there are lots of events held such as Japanese drums and dancing by Geisha.
Free Amasake,non-alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice, is served.

Plum trees

Plum blossom.jpg
Japanese plum trees are in full bloom from late January to February. They bring spring to us. Plum tree festivals take place in Odawara and Yugawara.


Model courses

Model courses

Sightseeing around Hakone (Model guide course)

.Sample of round trip from Odawara station

Odawara sta. → (Train 15min.) → Hakone yumoto sta. → (Tozan train 44min.) → Gora sta. → Cable car
10min)→ Sounzan → (Rope way 8min.) → Owakudani →Owakudani sulfur valley(Visit 60min.)→ (Rope way 16min.) → Togendai → (Boat 30min.) → Hakone-cho  (Walking 10min.) → Hakone check point & Museum(Visit 60min.) → (Walking through cedar avenue 20min.) → Motohakone bus stop → (Bus via hakoneshindo 30min.) → Hakone Yumoto sta. → (Train 15min.) → Odawara sta. → (Walking 10min.) → Odawara castle(Visit 60min.) → Odawara sta.

We'll suggest another tour courses depending on your wishes(where would you like to visit), schedule of tour, location of lodging, and a weather condition as well.
For exsample, Museums, Parks, Hiking, Hands-on, and so on.
Refer to the "Highlights"(It's left side in this page) please.