Access from Tokyo


(1) Odakyu Romance Car

Odakyu Romance Car is the limited express train connecting Shinjyuku station and Hakone Yumoto station for 1hour 30minutes ~ 1hour 40minutes. To get on this train, you need to purchase an express train ticket with the seat reservation. You can buy the ticket online.

The train operation may be disturbed by an accident or stormy weather. Please check the current operation status at the Odakyu Railway website.

(2) Tokaido Shinkansen

Tokaido Shinkansen is the super express train running between Tokyo and Osaka. Three types of train, Nozomi, Hikari, and Kodama, run on this line. However only Kodama and limited number of Hikari stop at Odawara station. It takes only a little more 30minuts from Tokyo or Shinagawa station to Odawara station. This train is recommended for JR pass holders.

Hakone Yumoto station is only 15minutes train ride from Odawara station.

(3) Odakyu Highway Bus

Odakyu Highway Bus connects Shinjyuku station, Yokohama station, or Haneda airport to Hakone Togendai port (Lake Ashi-no-ko shore).

(4) JR Tokaido Line, Shonan Shinjyuku Line, Ueno-Tokyo Line

JR Tokaido Line, Shonan Shinjyuku Line, and Ueno-Tokyo Line are the local trains operated by JR East. You can get on this train at the various stations in Tokyo and reach to Odawara station for a little more than 1 hour.

Access from Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya

Limited number of Hikari trains (one per 2 hours) on Tokaido Shinkansen connect Kyoto and Odawara for approximately 2hous.


You can use the luggage transfer serviceor coin lockers to travel in Hakone without carrying your luggage.