OHSGG Guide Service

OHSGG Club provides voluntary sightseeing guide services for Hakone and Odawara in foreign languages to assist visitors from outside of Japan and non-Japanese speaking residents.

Please visit the Guide Request and Guide Policy page if you request OHSGG guide service.

Guide Area

Entire Hakone region.
Odawara area including Odawara castle, Ichiya-jyo fort, Odawara town, and surrounding area.



All members in our group are volunteers who have various backgrounds and are willing to introduce our area to the people from foreign countries. Since all members are local, you may be able to hear an interesting story that may not come across. We are highly motivated and waiting for you to make your travel fruitful and enjoyable.

Assigning your guide and customizing your tour

Once your guide request is accepted, the assigned guide helps you to plan where to visit and how to get in and out from this area. You may consult the guide for any kind of interests and questions of your tour. If the assigned guide does not have enough information to answer, she or he will ask our experienced members and return to you with satisfactory information. Now the tour is tailored to you.

The day of your tour

On the first day, the guide meets you at the train station, your hotel, or other mutually agreed location and starts to guide you based on the itinerary. The guide also helps you how to handle your luggage while traveling.

The guide explains the history and the background of this area and other related topics according to your interest. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions you would like to know about Japan, such as Japanese food, cultures, Shinto and Buddhism, arts, nature, and even something cool in Japan. Then you will be more familiar to Japan.

Fees and expenses

We do not charge any guide fee of our services but you need to pay all expenses of the guide related to your tour. Expenses include transportations, meals and entrance fee of facilities.
Please refer to the Guide Policy page for more detail.

Guide Language

Other languages may be possible depending on the availability. Please ask when you request the service. However OHSGG only accepts English or Japanese in the requesting e-mail.

Communication before travel

The assigned guide communicates with you directly through e-mail. Telephone communication may be possible if necessary.

Guide request e-mail

Please send your request by e-mail in English or in Japanese. No other language is accepted.
Visit the Guide Request page for more detail.
If you have any question, or need any assistance to visit Odawara and Hakone area, please feel free to contact us. It is always our great pleasure to offer you warm hospitalities and comprehensive services.