What is Zazen?

In Zen Buddhism, Zazen is a meditative discipline that is typically the primary practice. Zazen is performed while seated with the legs crossed and each foot resting on the opposite thigh. When you do Zazen, find a quiet place where you can sit without disturbances. It should be neither too dark nor too bright, warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

While doing Zazen you do not concentrate on any particular object or control your thought. When you maintain a proper posture and your breathing settles down, your mind will naturally become tranquil. When various thoughts arise in your mind, you do not become caught up by them or struggle with them; neither pursue nor try to escape from them. Just leave thoughts alone, allowing them to come up and go away freely.

The essential thing in doing Zazen is to awaken from distraction and dullness, and return to the right posture moment by moment.

Zazen Experience Tour

We, OHSGG, will take you to Daiyuzan Saijyoji Temple in the deep forest on the outside slope of Hakone mountain to have an experience of Zazen. This tour is planned for non-Japanese speaking tourists as well as non-Japanese speaking residents. Why don’t you join our Tour and enjoy Zazen with English speaking guides?

> Date & Time:Not scheduled
mm dd, yyyy (.........) hh:00~hh:00
> Place to meet: Train station near the temple
(Note) Detail map will be sent to the applicants.
> Tour destination: Daiyuzan Saijyoji Temple
(8km Northwest of Odawara station)
> Fee: 1,000yen/person including Zazen participation fee. Addition to this, you need to pay your own bus fare between the train station and Saijyoji Temple.
> Guide: Volunteer guides (OHSGG members)
> Tour language: English
> Total participants: maximum 10 people
> Tour responsibility: Odawara and Hakone Systematized Goodwill Guide Club (OHSGG)

Daiyuzan Saijyoji Temple is located 4km west of Daiyuzan station of Daiyuzan Line.

Daiyuzan Line runs between Odawara station and Daiyuzan station.

Daiyuzan Saijyoji Temple

Daiyuzan Saijyoji Temple is one of the hidden and vital Zen temples as "Soto school of Buddhism" in Japan.

The line with tall and aged 20,000 ceder trees can be found on the way to the Main Hall of Saijyoji, makes you to realize a quiet and simple atmosphere. A rustic pagoda welcome you and take you to the ancient times of Japan.

A superhuman Buddhist monk "Tengu", driving away evil spirits and supporting for coming pilgrim, stands at the gate of the temple. He will navigate a way to enlightenment, on the way to the deep inner sanctuary "Okuno-in" after climbing 350 stairs.

How to join the tour

Please send an e-mail to the OHSGG e-mail address with the following required information.

E-mail address: ohsgg1@gmail.com

Required information

> name, sex, age and nationality of all members
> contact e-mail address, mobile phone number
> acceptance of the Guide Policy: "YES"

After receiving your e-mail, we will send you the detail information of the tour including the time table of the tour, the map of the meeting point, and access to the meeting point.

Guide policy

OHSGG Guide Policy is applied. The following modification and/or addition to OHSGG Guide Policy is also applied to this tour.

1) The fee covers expenses of the guides as well as Zazen participation fee at Saijyoji Temple.
2) The photos taken during the tour including group photos may be posted on the OHSGG Facebook page.
3) The tour may be cancelled if the weather does not permit such as Typhon or storm. In this case, the cancelation is informed to the participants by 6:00pm of the previous day.
4) The tour may be canceled without prior notice.