Guide Routes & Spots

The map below shows the approximate area where OHSGG guides the guests. Majority of the spots are located west side of the line between Odawara and Shinmatsuda. Pink area on the map is the town of Hakone that attracts 20 million visitors per year.

If you use Hakone Free Pass, you can visit Odawara, entire Hakone Area, Gotenba, Mishima, and Yugawara. Visit the Hakone Circle Route page and Optional Spots in Hakone for detail. Current status of the transportations in the Hakone Free Pass area is listed here.

Odawara is not only the gate city to Hakone but also has various spots where you can enjoy. See more on the Optional Spots in Odawara page.

If you are interested in hiking, there are good hiking courses in Hakone from beginners to experts.

Mt. Fuji is located 30km northwest of Hakone and a little difficult to visit from Hakone. However there are many good viewing spots of Mt. Fuji in Hakone.

If you are thinking to do something different from the traditional sightseeing tour, check theTry & Experience page. There are many facilities in Hakone and Odawara that offer varieties of activities you can participate.

If your plan to come to Odawara and Hakone on the specific date or season, you may enjoy various seasonal events in this area.