Guide request

Please follow this instruction to request a guide. (download the Guide request form

Guide request e-mail

Guide request is accepted by an e-mail in English or in Japanese. No other language is accepted.
Please send your request at least 2weeks before the requesting date. OHSGG Club may not accept the request with a short preparation period.

All members in OHSGG Club are volunteers and have their own daily schedules. We appreciate your understanding of this requirement.

Guide Request Form and Required information


Please download the Guide request form, fill all required fields in English, accept the OHSGG guide policy and send it by e-mail to < >. E-mail must be written in English.

You may also write the following required information directly in your e-mail in English.

1. Date and Time for the requesting guide service
2. Information of the applicant (Name / Mr/Ms / Nationality / Age)
3. E-mail address of the applicant.
4. Contact information in Japan (Name of Hotel / Telephone)
5. Information of other members of your party (Name / Mr/Ms / Nationality / Age)
6. Your plan to come in to and go out from Hakone/Odawara (when and where).
7. Where do you want to visit and/or what do you like to do?
8. Do you have any particular request?
9. Please show your acceptance of OHSGG guide policy written in the “Guide policy” page.

■Yes, I understand and accept the OHSGG guide policy.

10. OHSGG does not disclose any of photos taken during the tour to public, such as OHSGG Facebook ( or OHSGG Website, without separate permission of the guests. Please show your permission by deleting either one below.

■Accept to post photos, ■NOT accept