Odawara and Hakone Tour Guide

OHSGG provides a voluntary tour guide who speaks foreign language and assists non-Japanese speaking visitors to travel around Hakone and Odawara. Major language is English but other languages may be available. All tour guides in our group are volunteers who have various backgrounds and are willing to introduce our area to the people from foreign countries.

The service area is Odawara, Hakone and surrounding regions. We accept the guide request via e-mail and the assigned tour guide arranges the tailored tour for you. Let's enjoy the view of beautiful Hakone mountains and Mt. Fuji with the taste of the history during Samurai era.

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Note: COVID-19

Due to the announcement of “Mask Use Guidance Starting From 13 March 2023” by the Japanese Government, we have changed our face mask policy. You need to comply with it to keep our tour safe. If you have any questions, please contact us via e-mail listed on the Guide Request Page.
While you are in Japan, if you suspect having COVID-19, refer to the Information in case of illness or injury, and contact Coronavirus Hotline. (TEL: 0120-565-653)

Odawara and Hakone Area

Odawara and Hakone area is just 80km ~ 85km from Tokyo, only 35 minutes by Tokaido Shinkansen train from Tokyo station and 85 minutes by Odakyu Romance Car from Shinjyuku station.

Since Hojyo family (one of Samurai families) stationed in Odawara in early 16c, Odawara and Hakone have been developed in various aspects along with the changes of lifestyles. However, Hakone always attracts visitors with many fine hot springs (onsen) and grand views of Mt. Fuji.

Hakone Circle Route is a full one-day journey that starts and ends at Hakone Yumoto station. You can use Hakone Free Pass issued by the Odakyu group to travel this route. Most of the highlights in Hakone are located along this route. Traveling through this route, you can enjoy varieties of rides, such as mountain train, cable car, ropeway, pirate ship and bus.

There are many additional optional spots that you may be interested in Hakone and Odawara area. If you are thinking to do something different from the traditional sightseeing tour, check Try & Experience page. There are many facilities in Hakone and Odawara that offer varieties of activities you can participate in. If you have extra time, visiting these spots adds special memories to your travel.

The assigned guide helps you to plan where to visit and how to get in and out from this area. You may consult with the guide for any kind of interests and questions of your tour. If the assigned guide does not have enough information to answer, she or he will ask our experienced members and return to you with satisfactory information.

About Us

OHSGG (Odawara Hakone Systematized Goodwill Guide Club) is the voluntary sightseeing guide organization established in 1996 as one of the systematized goodwill guide groups under Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).

OHSGG has its base in Odawara, the entrance city to Hakone. All of our members are volunteers who want to share their sparetime with foreign visitors to Odawara and Hakone


Major Contents

Guide Services

OHSGG provides voluntary sightseeing guide services around Hakone and Odawara areas in foreign languages to assist visitors from outside of Japan and non-Japanese speaking residents. This section explains Guide Area, our Guides, Guide Policy, Guide Request Procedure, Guide Assigning Process, Fees and Expenses, Guide Languages, Communication Methods, etc.


Activities & Photos

OHSGG has Facebook page to post photos during our guided tours, where you can find plenty of happy and joyful faces.


Routes & Spots

If you are wondering where to visit with our guide, please visit this section. You can find various spots and routes from the basic circle route to the varieties of options in Hakone, Odawara and surrounding areas. If you like walking, our guide can take you to a short or a full day hiking depending on your request. If you have an interest in a local events, visit Seasonal Event page. You may want to schedule your travel just on the day of the event. Everyone wants to see Mt. Fuji. There are several good spots to view Mt. Fuji in Hakone.


Area Information

From the 8th century, Hakone has been known as the sacred place of mountain worships. During later period of Samurai era (Edo period: 1603~1867), Odawara and Hakone played the important role as its location on the main road between Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto. This section describes overview of City of Odawara, Hakone Town, and their History.If you are wondering about the local weather and temperature around the time of your travel, the precipitation and temperature data of Japan Meteorological Agency may help you.



JR Tokaido Shikansen Line (30minutes from Tokyo and 2.5hours from Kyoto) and Odakyu Line (1.5hours from Shinjyuku) are two major trains to visit Odawara and Hakone.